pDoc Signer

pDoc Signer is a Windows application for securely signing PDF documents with electronic signatures written on an ePad electronic signature pad connected to your PC or on the touchscreen of a Windows tablet or tablet display.

With pDoc Signer you can: 

  1. Sign existing digital signature fields in PDF documents
  2. Create, place, and sign new digital signature fields in PDF documents
  3. Fill in standard form fields: text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, and combo boxes
  4. Utilize advanced features to add value to PDF documents:
    1. Insert comments (both text comments and sticky note comments)
    2. Use the Pencil Tool to create free-form drawings
    3. Attach PDF files and other types of files
    4. Extract pages from and insert pages into a PDF document
    5. Secure documents with passwords

Included in the pDoc Signer download is pDoc Forms Designer, an add-on that allows you to create PDF forms with signature fields and data entry form fields right on your Windows tablet or desktop PC.

Note: For signing with ePadLink signature pads, install the Universal Installer before installing pDoc Signer.


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4.3 (Last Updated April 7, 2021)



pDoc Signer User Manual

pDoc Forms Designer User Manual

Default Procedure Guide

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OS Compatibility:

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows 7