ePad-vision (VP9808)

$ 399.00

ePad-vision™, the latest addition to the ePad® family, not only captures secure, legally-binding eSignatures, but its large, full-color LCD screen enables you to display unique visual images and text that attract attention and help your customer-facing representatives cross-sell products and services.


Dynamic functionality lets you display targeted marketing messages and colorful images, personalize your backgrounds, conduct customer surveys, have signers scroll through compliance text, and more. Selectable onscreen check boxes and response buttons enable you to obtain important customer information, and make it easy for customers to opt-in to special offers.


Bundled with every ePad product is IntegriSign® Desktop eSignature software with plug-ins for Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as PDF signing with pDoc Signer® and Adobe Acrobat, so you can start eSigning out of the box.  For software developers, IntegriSign Desktop also provides a set of SDKs for capturing signatures in PC and web applications and for interacting directly with the various ePadLink® signature pads.



ePad-vision (VP9808)



ePad-vision Datasheet

ePad Product Family User Guide

ePad-vision Latest Product Resource Guide


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Full-color LCD display
  • Displays affirmation text for greater signing context
  • Ergonomic design
  • Legally-binding eSignatures
  • USB powered, portable device
  • Bundled with IntegriSign software for Acrobat, MS Word and Excel



Replacement Stylus



Universal Installer

IntegriSign Desktop

Adobe Plug-In for Mac

pDoc Signer

SigCaptureWeb SDK

eSign Emcee